Through collaboration we develop innovative technology solutions for our clients to streamline productivity and unlock their potential:
• Digital Transformation
• Disruptive Innovation
• Enterprise & Infrastructure



In today’s world, speed, agility and reduced time-to-market are vital. Transforming digital delivery with DevOps is key to our success.

As more business moves online, existing models and industries are disrupted and new ones are enabled. Our strategy gets key stakeholders to work together more effectively, combined with best-in-class infrastructure automation. It is central to how we effectively implement projects using the DevOps process.

We apply DevOps best practices that enable substantially faster, more efficient and agile delivery of high quality software by breaking down organisational silos. Success is about building an organisational culture that is collaborative and delivery focused, one that is outcomes rather than process driven. We align operating models under common leadership that creates shared incentives.

Digital Transformation requires better organisational structures

Organisations invest huge resources in digital transformation. Our support gives stakeholders the right tools to track progress, analyse risk and measure performance during the entire project lifecycle. We prepare employees to embrace change in a new organisation, engaging them as equal partners.




Creating new markets and value networks helps our clients adapt to digitisation, shift ecosystems, anticipate change and seize great opportunities in frontier markets.

Harnessing the Technology Revolution

We recognise the impact of digital technologies in financial services. In collaboration with the world’s foremost thinkers, we’ve developed the strategic and implementation capabilities necessary to help financial institutions, technology companies and startups take advantage of this transformative technology. We use our extensive network of professionals to deliver best in class blockchain-based solutions. Our partners B9Lab have developed courses that cover the concepts of Blockchain technology works, from data structures to live projects.

Understanding The Internet of Things

A future world whereby physical objects are both connected to the Internet and able to communicate with other devices offers both challenges and opportunities. Smart, connected devices will undoubtedly come to dominate our lives. Companies that choose a shrewd approach to product development will have the best shot at success. We develop go-to-market strategies to drive successful commercialisation of IoT from manufacturers of connected devices to the enablers and consumers.

Blockchain strengthening financial ecosystems

Leveraging our extensive involvement with disruptive technologies in FinTech, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance on distributed ledgers and the impacts to the ecosystems, value-chains, and strategies of incumbents. Our expertise in disruptive technologies is well positioned to provide valuable insights to our clients on how to best apply, integrate, and benefit from Blockchain.


An accomplished professional advisor with strong expertise in corporate finance and major project management. He was collaborative, decisive, and had strong consulting and strategic planning skills.
Chief Revenue Officer, Technology Co.
They bring immense knowledge, professionalism and zeal to every project collaboration and economic development initiatives in Africa.
Manager, Big4 Firm
They showed great initiative and commitment in planning and executing a highly successful project. The ability to collaborate effectively and oversee various aspects of the implementation were integral to this outcome.
Consultant, McKinsey


Technology to manage complex transactions

Dragonrisc is a cloud-based risk management platform. Our software is changing the way that organisations manage their due diligence. We help clients gain efficiencies and demonstrable transaction value with seamless collaboration among multiple stakeholders. The technology helps to de-risk capital investment to the emerging markets for inclusive and sustainable growth.

We leverage award-winning partners to help clients to optimise opportunities and close deals more efficiently with a professional platform. We provide a proprietary service for business planning, valuation and financial management, streamlining client engagement and due diligence processes for optimal performance.

Unlock potential with Artificial Intelligence

In a competitive marketplace, you need a strong product to stand out. We offer start-of-the-art A.I. technology for a competitive edge. Expand your channels to the market and boost your revenue streams by using our integrated system to streamline your workflow. We provide an affordable and secure cloud solution.

Specialising in big data science

We work with partners who specialise in delivering deep learning solutions and supports organisations in unlocking their data science potential. We develop unique advanced analytics solutions that enable companies to store their own data products more securely. Our team-based user interface creates a unified framework to develop, organise and deploy successful data projects. We offer deep learning solutions with unlimited support 24/7.


Building cloud-based Infrastructure platforms

We work with strategic partners to build world class technology for Start-ups looking to build their business. Our collaboration reduces the need for major capital expenditure on IT systems by providing a secure enterprise-class cloud infrastructure platform that can scale to meet the demands of its users.

Enabling enterprise class security and compliance

We use the most efficient approach to software delivery with enterprise-grade security and compliance features that help protect your code and data. Our collaboration tracks issues and monitors progress with a single repository, to speed up the development process.