Our work challenges the status quo through innovative thought leadership to solve real problems with practical solutions:
• Initiate Innovation
• Incubate Impact
• Accelerate Sustainability



Innovation allows us to explore opportunities in emerging technologies

We try to keep the big picture in mind. This perspective helps us to promote new ways of thinking, solving problems and challenging the status quo. Our goal is to shape future landscapes. As global trends continue to shift the foundations of business, innovation has become a more effective tool in enabling companies, industries and economies to adapt in a more competitive world.

We believe that the best antidote to socio-economic stagnation is innovation, so we collaborate with partners who embrace new technologies that create novel products and services to effect sustainable impact on human development.

Embracing innovation to design solutions for a sustainable future

The business environment in emerging markets demands a dynamic and well-structured design thinking. Understanding the characteristics of those markets is crucial to implementing best practices across the ecosystem.

We create impact by embracing revolutionary technologies, as the need to innovate and bring fresh ideas to evolving challenges becomes increasingly vital for clients. Our Innovation Lab promotes the concept of Susnovation, “to design, implement and continually invest in sustainable business models.”





Working in partnership to accelerate growth and impact for socially responsible businesses in frontier markets


Performance Challenges

We help clients to manage their complex, large-scale projects projects more effectively. We look at root causes rather than the symptoms of poor performance and offer tools to track progress, measure real-time status, which significantly improves successful delivery.

Business Intelligence Model

Our predictive analytics software shows deep insight into project-based data, tracks costs, risk management and other aspects of the project. The benefits are enhanced budget planning, cash flow and performance optimisation. Clients discover new insights with our engagement. We foster a data-driven culture with powerful, visually stunning analytics. Exploring new insights empowers people across the organisation to make faster, more informed decisions.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk defines every organisation’s strategic, commercial and investment activities. Our innovative methodologies enable clients to identify, monitor and mitigate a full range of risks to their business operations and investment activities. We deliver an integrated service, advising clients from simple deal structures to complex cross-border transactions. We believe in offering our clients senior level teams to manage the advisory process in an efficient and proactive manner. In today’s competitive world, we recognise the need to respond quickly, practically and cost-effectively with a high degree of client relationship management.

Our risk advisory service optimises all of our portfolios’ risk-return profiles. As well as seeking out the investments with the best return prospects, it involves careful monitoring and managing the associated risks such as investment, sovereign, economic, counterparty as well as socio-political risk. We bring the competitive gains to our clients; a better understanding of complexity issues and holistic view of enterprise risk across organisational silos.



An accomplished professional advisor with strong expertise in corporate finance and major project management. He was collaborative, decisive, and had strong consulting and strategic planning skills.
Chief Revenue Officer, Technology Co.
They bring immense knowledge, professionalism and zeal to every project collaboration and economic development initiatives in Africa.
Manager, Big4 Firm
They showed great initiative and commitment in planning and executing a highly successful project. The ability to collaborate effectively and oversee various aspects of the implementation were integral to this outcome.
Consultant, McKinsey


Accelerating growth for socially responsible impact in frontier markets

Our collaborative approach to solving problems is appreciated by our clients, who embrace an opportunity to co-design solutions that meet their goals. We strive to achieve win-win situations, but also recognise that strategy alone does not guarantee success. As such, we ensure that our proposals are pragmatic and can be delivered in line with organisational capabilities. At every stage of the process, we help them to anticipate disruptive changes and competition in their industry.

Designing innovative frameworks

We challenge the industry status quo and our own thinking to encourage divergent points of view. Our innovation sets the pace in understanding the drivers of socio-economic growth, supporting our clients to devise viable sales, pricing, supply chain, cluster and new market entry strategies. Clients trust our judgement because we listen and act upon their needs.


Focused on driving socio-economic growth

We believe in building a sustainable future in the world’s emerging markets. Our work encompasses a significant role in advising governments, collaborating with industry leaders and promoting youth enterprise. We participate in key decisions to solve the most complex problems focused on driving socio-economic growth.

Supporting Innovative Enterprise

Entrepreneurs are good for the global economy and employment. We support innovative startups and help them grow using next generation technology to make new products, services and create employment. We leverage our global networks to provide mentoring, advisory services and training workshops.