Future Challenges of Water Sustainability

In February 2017, the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit returned to London for the 6th year, focused on the need for greater collaboration between stakeholders in creating a better approach to future water sustainability. The [...]

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Age of Fintech: Disruption or Innovation

For so long, the established Financial Services industry had exerted enormous power over the global economy that experienced a prolonged period of high economic growth between 2001 and 2007. In that time, risk perceptions declined [...]

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Revolutionising the Global Food System

Astrong theme emerged from the Future Food Tech Summit in London this week, that the world is in desperate need of innovative and sustainable solutions to increase agricultural output, while reducing inputs, in order to meet the [...]

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Desert Farm leads Future FoodTech

The Future FoodTech and World Agritech Investment Summits in London this week will unveil some of the leading agricultural innovations over the last few years. The focus will firmly be on post-harvest food industry, which is certainly [...]

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