UK National Infrastructure Forum

The National Infrastructure Forum (NIF) is the UK’s largest cross-sector infrastructure event. The show has a unique value proposition which brings you the buyers you want to see. In 2016, over 1200 visitors attended from across the industry. No other form of marketing can get your brand in front of so many buyers actively looking [...]

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Future Challenges of Water Sustainability

In February 2017, the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit returned to London for the 6th year, focused on the need for greater collaboration between stakeholders in creating a better approach to future water sustainability. The importance of this year’s meeting could not be underestimated. As the delegates shared their knowledge networks, it was appreciated that [...]

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A game changer for Africa’s Megaprojects

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) megaproject is one of the largest of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, and Kenya’s most ambitious infrastructure megaproject to date. It includes construction of 700 km of standard-gauge track, 33 stations, and dozens of wagons and locomotives. Just like its huge cost pegged at $4.99 billion, so are the expectations [...]

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Risks and Uncertainty surround Africa’s Megaprojects

If all goes to plan, the ‘Grand Inga’ hydropower scheme will become one of Africa’s most iconic infrastructure developments. A $12 billion proposal funded by a consortium led by The World Bank, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), China and USA, was originally conceived in the 1950s, but plans for the project were never fulfilled, due [...]

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